Behold the top cashmere manufacturers in the world

While sitting on your sofa cozying up with a cashmere blanket, have you wondered where this luxurious material comes from?

The fineness of exquisite cashmere depends on the geography, breed of the animal, and the finesse of the manufacturers.

Globally, around a staggering 1,160 million kilograms of clean wool is produced every year. Out of which, only 0.5% belongs to pure cashmere which solidifies that rarity of this ball of clouds.

So, let’s have a look at the leading cashmere manufacturers around the world mastering the game of wools in their arena.


The ordering on the list in no way signifies the magnitude and quality of service offered by the brands. We established several benchmarks, such as sustainability, quality, and style, on which we selected the best cashmere manufacturers there are in the world.


1. Gobi Cashmere



From the green steppe and grasslands of Inner Mongolia, Gobi Cashmere brings you Mongolian artistry in its full form. It is one of the leading cashmere manufacturers in Mongolia – a gold mine for the finest of the best cashmere.

It supports nomadic families by buying raw cashmere procured from the happiest of goats; a place from where the best cashmere comes from as believed by the company.


2. Johnstons of Elgin



With a couple hundred years’ expertise under the belt, Johnstons of Elgin is a celebrated lambswool and cashmere manufacturer in Scotland. Bestowed with the honour of Royal warrant as Manufacturers of Estate Tweed by the Prince of Wales.

The production takes place in Hawick and Elgin mills where the natural fibres in the raw form go through processes to produce magic in the form of wool.



3. Edinburgh Cashmere



A leading name of cashmere wholesale manufacturers in the UK and Europe, Edinburgh Cashmere has taken the industry by storm.

Their exquisite collection of tartan designs impeccably curated from 135 clans’ tartans render “An experience you will never forget”.

Sustainability is at the company’s heart. It outsources its purest and authentic cashmere from authorized breeders.

The products are a thing of beauty and Scottish tradition amalgamated with modern style made purely with the world’s choicest cashmere.



4. John Hanly




John Hanly gives you the real taste of Ireland with its marvellous products created from luxurious cashmere, lambswool and love in its mills.

The company offers timeless craftsmanship of manufacturing magnificent wool and cashmere.

The company especially emphasizes the ethical practices adopted while procuring resources from lambs and cashmere goats.



5. Huhhot Harmony Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.



Based in Hohhot, China, Huhhot Harmony Industry and Trade Co., Ltd is the supreme manufacturer of cashmere and wool hailed in every corner of the world.

It adheres to very high self-imposed standards to create the most luxurious cashmere known to man.

It employs state-of-the-art technology and equipment like German Stoll knitting machines, producing the most exemplary knitted goods made with beautiful pure cashmere.



6. Loro Piana



Experts in refining nature’s best gift to humanity, Loro Piana is a known Italian cashmere manufacturer. Their laboratories set up in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Ulaanbaatar employ sophisticated technology to de-hair and wash the excellent cashmere.

They import to Italy and turn it into a beautiful collection of fabrics and knitwear.



7. Woolyarns




Called the ‘Yarn Engineers’ of New Zealand, Woolyarns is a leading manufacturer who has devised a perfect blend of tradition with technology to produce excellence.

Their use of technology is judged against the ultimate wool spinning standards.

The products are a mixture of splendid merino and cashmere microns, bestowing qualities such as great insulation and softness.


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Behold the top cashmere manufacturers in the world

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