Best lambswool from the world’s top manufacturers

Even a wool newbie knows about the phenomenal qualities virgin wool (a fancy name for lambswool) possesses.

From excellent insulation to being one of the softest things you will ever purchase, lambswool at its finest is exquisite.

Since it is the wool procured from the lambs at six to eight months old, it is a soft delicate fabric.

Hence, out of 1,160 million kilograms of clean wool that is produced every year, the share of lambswool is quite low.
For all of you looking to satisfy your fashion taste buds, here is a list of top lambswool manufacturers producing fashion pieces that your wardrobe is dying to have.

Note: this list does not compare or favour any brand over others. Neither the position
of the company on the list is a signifier of their stature or quality of products.



1.Ermenegildo Zegna


Ermeneglido Zegn


Italy is where fashion is born. It is also home to the world-conquering Ermenegildo Zegna, a brand focused on men’s fashion.

It deserves all the hype around its lambswool and cashmere fashion pieces.

From remarkable wool trench coats to its ageless tuxedos, each product is a testament of the brand’s ubiquitous excellence and contemporary elegance.


2.  Z. Hinchliffe & Sons


Hinchliffe & Sons


This is a global name that everyone remembers. Z. Hinchliffe & Sons is a UK-based lambswool manufacturer that has been producing top quality wool items for over 200 years.

The exquisite quality of the lambswool is owed to specially bred animals. This brand believes in sustainability. Hence, all of its lambswool products are recyclable and compostable.


3. Loro Piana



Another gem from the heart of fashion, Loro Piana is an Italian brand which is a part of Louis Vuitton. It is one of the largest buyers of fine wools in the world.

The company outsources the most luxurious wool from New Zealand and Australia. Every Loro Piana product is a thing of beauty.


4. Edinburgh Cashmere


Pride of Scotland, Edinburgh Cashmere is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of 100% pure lambswool in the UK and Europe.

To add another jewel to its crown, the brand came up with its own clothing line in 2014. Edinburgh Cashmere is the first brand to foray into designing cashmere scarves from 135 clan tartans.

The lambswool it sources is from legitimate breeders, hence its exquisite quality. Edinburgh Cashmere is also big on sustainability throughout the process.

Bringing in the warmth of the softest lambswool products dipped in the beautiful colours of Scottish tradition.



5. J.C. Rennie & Co.



Born in 1798, J.C. Rennie & Co. is pure Scotland at its core. It produces veritably splendid lambswool yarn in soft reds, hazy blues, and rich dark browns colour.

From Chunky yarn to Supersoft Cashmere, J.C. Rennie bagged a big reputation for the quality it offers.


6. McBride Ltd



Founded in 1920, AJ & PA McBride Ltd has earned a remarkable reputation as the leading manufacturer of lambswool in Ireland.

With a thousand acres of land devoted to rearing the best breed of goats, lambs, and sheep, McBride produces one of the finest quality wool in the country.

The company also manufactures a plethora of sweaters, scarves, cardigans made with premium materials.


7. Unitex

With a myriad of colour collections, Unitex prides itself in being specialized in woollen yarns, faux furs, and Sherpa fabric.

Operating from China, the brand produces 2 million metres of woollen fabric along with 2000 tons of fancy yarn. The products are a sum of superb quality fabric and latest technologies.


8. Lochcarron of Scotland



Offering excellence since 1892, Lochcarron of Scotland has become a well-known manufacturer of Tartan curated out of beautiful blends of rich cashmere, softest lambswool and merino.

The brand offers a wide collection of ties, throws, stoles and scarves with a classic traditional touch of the Highlands. It is especially known for the quality of its fabric


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