Top brands offering the most snugglicious lambswool garments

What is the one thing everyone craves for in the cold and cruel winters besides a cozy place by the fire?

It is not hard to answer, is it?

A warm, luxurious lambswool blanket or a soft cosy stole around your shoulders with a hot cup of coffee are all one can hope for.

Deciding where to buy 100% pure lambswool product is nothing but a conundrum. After all, the market is full of faux and inferior quality products.

So, let us review the top 10 brands that have mastered the art of lambswool products and offer a wide range to shop until your heart’s content…


1. Harris Tweed




The name is enough. With its inception dating back to 1846, Harris Tweed is the finest quality wool cloth popularly known as ‘The Big Cloth’ (Clo Mor in Gaelic) governed by its Act of Parliament. They dye the wool before the spinning process giving the cloth its world-known rich colour, depth, and complexity.


2. Ralph Lauren




Ralph Lauren is all about designing towards sustainability. The products are ageless pieces created out of responsibly sourced and sustainable materials.

Admirably, the company has vowed to make animal-derived materials, including lambswool, traceable and certified. Adhering to the Responsible Wool Standard, all the wool raw materials will be recycled by 2025. Who thought fashion would be this environment friendly?


3. Johnstons of Elgin






Ruling the lambswool and cashmere supply game for more than two centuries, Johnstons of Elgin is known to employ biodegradable and renewable fibres like Cashmere, Lambswool, and Vicuña.

The brand uses dyes dating back to 1856 and has a collection of a staggering 6500 shades for their fine, luxurious wool products. The design collections are a tasteful blend of modernity and tradition, enticing users to own a piece of rich heritage.


4. Edinburgh Cashmere



Even though being a relatively new entrant in the retail lambswool and cashmere clothing industry in 2019, Edinburgh Cashmere has served as a wholesaler to top influential brands all over the UK and Europe since 2014.





Using only pure lambswool and cashmere, it creates products with different designs and tartans derived from 135 Scottish clans. It drives by the vision to give “An experience you will never forget”.

The brand is perfect for shopping capes, stoles, scarves and blankets.



5. Begg & Co.






Serving passion in the form of authentic lambswool scarves, wraps and stoles since 1866, Begg & Co. has maintained its original ethos mixed with a touch of modernity. It offers sustainable clothes created with a soft blend of Angora rendering exquisite texture and softness. The timeless and versatile products are a great everyday alternative to pure cashmere.



6. Mulberry



Mulberry is quintessentially British in its identity and heritage. In 1975, Mulberry created a customized impeccable style that came to be known as “Le Style Anglais”.



The finest and exquisite lambswool products such as stoles, scarves and cardigans are curated to express every individual’s unique style. The lambswool material is inherently insulated to make every Mulberry piece your all seasons favourite.



7. John Hanly





John Hanly offers Irish designed woven throws, scarves, and fabrics in lambswool, cashmere, natural fibres and mohair. Each piece reflects its impeccable lambswool and traditional craftsmanship, making it fit for year-round use. It ensures the materials sourced are procured sustainably and ethically.



8. Biddy Murphy



Biddy Murphy brings you the products in their full glory reflecting traditional Irish beauty. The offering ranges from premium lambswool and cashmere clothing, traditional jewellery, and other goods. Experience the most exquisite hand craftsmanship with Biddy Murphy’s knitted caps, cardigans, and blankets.



9. Drake’s




Since 1977, Drake’s is known for its premium quality scarves, shawls, plaids, etc. designed with the finest lambswool material and bespoke designs. The products resonate with the motto of the brand – relaxed elegance.



10. L.L. Bean




L.L. Bean believes that life best lived is outside. Intriguingly, L.L. Bean offers UPF 50+ sun-block protection clothing. It was also the pioneer of Hunting Shoe in 1911. It is also loved for its lambswool products curated out of high-quality yarns that are spun with the slow-spinning process to render the softest clothes possible.


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Top Brands Offering the Most Snugglicious Lambswool Garments

Top brands offering the most snugglicious lambswool garments

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