Top cashmere and lambswool stole designs from the best brands

For winter, if you are into a rock chick look or a classic style, badass leathers, or elegant elegance; the clothing ensemble can often feel like a puzzle with a missing piece.

Any guesses what that is?

A timeless stole. Year after year, new fashion trends emerge, but what stays is this versatile piece of accessory.

Cashmere and lambswool stoles are perfect in winter to keep you cozy inside and out, all the while enhancing your overall look.

More often than not, people find themselves in a pickle when it comes to picking a brand for designs and patterns. Not to forget the quality of the item.

So, let’s take on this trip to the land of stoles and find the ultimate choices for you with the most exquisite designs.

Note: The ordering of the brands below is not a signifier of the popularity, stature, and the quality of products and services offered by the brands. The list does not explicitly or implicitly favour one brand over others.


1. Burberry




Burberry is the trendsetter from trench coats to cashmere scarves and stoles. The fine quality of their lambswool and cashmere adds to the whole charm of the brand.

For all the stole junkies looking to add beautiful Cashmere in their wardrobe, Burberry’s splendid classic check, monogram print, and vintage check stoles are the definition of staple designs.



2. Louis Vuitton



A brand that sweeps the hearts of millions, men and women alike, with its amazing stole designs. Louis Vuitton is a brand best known for giving this world its timeless statement pieces.

The brand’s collection for cashmere and lambswool stoles includes rainbow to camouflage print, offering a myriad of choices. Check out the stunning stoles on their website.


3. Versace



Versace needs no introduction. If the brand Versace was a person, it would have been a personification of ethereal. Its mind-blowing statement designs are perennial and one of a kind.

From the signature to the classic Medusa stole patterns, shop to your heart’s desire, and satiate your fashion taste buds.


4. Edinburgh Cashmere



Edinburgh Cashmere is the creator of hundreds of tartan designs inspired by 135 clan tartans. If you are looking for exquisite and authentic cashmere and lambswool stoles, its products are a testament of this superior quality.

Its classic tartan designs of stoles transcend the limits of fashion and fall in the category of style. From Royal Stewart, solid colours, to Edinburgh Cashmere exclusive check patterns, every stole is a beauty to behold.

Go check out their splendid collection to add tradition mixed with classic style to your wardrobe.


5. Lochcarron of Scotland



Originated from Scotland, Lochcarron of Scotland is a renowned brand with its impeccable collection of stole designs. The brand believes in the timeless combination of traditional Scottish heritage and modern trends.

Lochcarron of Scotland offers a wide variety of luxurious stole designs to satiate every kind of stole craving.



6. Mulberry



Quintessentially British in its approach towards fashion, Mulberry delivers a beautiful mixture of subtle, pastel and dark colours in its stoles.

Made with pure cashmere and lambswool, Mulberry stoles come in various styles ranging from Chunky Fleck knitted design to geometric stripes and checks. Get the most bang for your buck with Mulberry classic stoles.


7. Chanel



If you are someone who gravitates more towards statement pieces, then Chanel is the real deal. From elegant cashmere to the softest lambswool, you can find distinct and gorgeous stole designs.

There is a wide selection of stoles from the iconic Chanel woven with stunning metallic thread to multi colour printed and tweed designs. It is truly a haven for stole junkies.


8. Begg & Co.



Begg & Co. is on it’s A-game when it comes to stole designs and patterns. It uses a variety of fabric from cashmere, pure lambswool to angora and silk.

You can get your hands on some stunning stoles with designs such as Beaufort Blot, Emu Parallel, Orwell Bhutan, and so on.


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